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Nurseries in Barrio Iguana

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación Carla CristinaBeneficiaries: 100 childrenLocation: Medellín, Antioquia Although there is no doubt that the city of Medellin has grown much in the past few decades in terms of education and work opportunities, it still lacks the necessary number of early childhood development centers/nurseries which are the foundation for jump starting a child’s development. The lacks […]


Eco-Tourism as a Strategy for Environmental Sustainability in Chocó

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación MarVivaBeneficiaries: In ProgressLocation: Tribugá, Chocó With the world returning to normalcy, as much as possible after the pandemic, Fundación MarViva once again seeks to make a lasting change in the coastal communities of Chocó. In a region where over 80% of families live in poverty, work opportunities are limited, and the marine life used to feed […]


Play, Laugh, Dream

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Aldeas Infantiles SOS ColombiaBeneficiaries: 1,200 children and teenagersLocation: Riohacha, La Guajira Although La Guajira keeps seeing a great number of migrant families from Venezuela, the main efforts carried out to help these families do not place children’s education and development at the forefront. Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia has taken it upon themselves to tackle this issue […]


Sustainable Punta Arena

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas ColombiaBeneficiaries: 1,100 individualsLocation: Punta Arena, Cartagena, Bolívar Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas Colombia is a non-profit organization that seeks to conserve, preserve and improve the environment as well as social issues of the communities that surround their geographic areas of interest. Their main focus is in the most vulnerable communities in […]

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Stand Up: Providencia Renace

Donor: Multiple DonorsLocal Allies: Tamarin Foundation, Corporación Antioquia PresenteBeneficiaries: 1,108 individualsLocation: Providencia The pandemic has not been the only cause of pain and uncertainty in Providencia. In November 2020, the island was hit by a category 5 hurricane. It damaged 98% of the island’s infrastructure and changed the lives of 6,000 people. Nearly 40% of the inhabitants of the island […]


Today, December 3, Auction to Help Providencia

El Tiempo, PDF Version (Spanish) You can bid for 50 statuettes intervened by the same number of artists from different regions. The art industry has been, over the years, a meeting point between the Raizal community of Providencia and the tourists who visit, year after year, this national paradise in the Caribbean Sea. But the […]