A Helping Hand for Haiti

Donor: Multiple Donors
Local Allies: Fundación Grupo Argos, TECHO Haiti, and CINA Foundation
Beneficiaries: 250 families (1,212 individuals)
Location: Source-Matelas, Haiti

Due to the crisis generated by COVID-19, many families were left without income and vulnerable to the spread of the virus not just in Colombia, but in nearby countries. As a result of the alliance created with Fundación Grupo Argos, we sought to provide a helping hand in Haiti by implementing a project in the community of Source-Matelas. Throught the help of Fundación Grupo Argos and TECHO Haiti, we identified a community with great need and provided 250 families with non-perishable food supplies, which included rice, corn, black beans, oatmeal, pasta, canned sardines, sugar, salt, and other such items. 

We also provided the families with hygiene kits to help the fight the spread of COVID-19, as many lacked the funds to purchase these supplies. The program managed to benefit a total of 1,212 people thanks to the additional aid provided by CINA Foundation, who also incorporated psychosocial counseling sessions to the families.