About G2C

Who We Are

We are an intelligence hub for non-profit entities with over 17 years of experience, that aims to increase the flow of international donations towards Colombia and Latin America.

What We Do

Give To Colombia (G2C) creates, promotes, and facilitates alliances between international donors and Colombian grassroots organizations.

To do so, G2C partners with local foundations that comply with the donors’ standards of reporting, accountability, and effectiveness.
Partners are chosen based on their operational and administrative capacity, as well as their ability to efficiently manage resources while guaranteeing transparency. We also perform a due diligence process in which we thoroughly revise the legal and financial documents of our potential partners. As a result of this research process, we have created G2C’s foundation database exclusively for our donors. 

Our model has been successful because we are not merely an intermediary, but we also advise our donors on how to give effectively in order to optimize the social impact and maximize the return of their investment.

Challenges in Colombia

Some of the issues Colombia faces are….

Our Team

Angela M. Tafur
Chairman & Co-Founder
Ana De Andreis
U.S. Manager
M. Juliana González
Social Media & Communications
Claudia Montenegro
Project Associate
Sandra Restrepo
U.S. Administrative Assistant
Santiago Vélez
Water & Sanitation Project Manager
Isabella Montoya

Our Governance

At Give To Colombia, fundraising meets business efficiency. Keeping in line with this model, most of our board members are business executives at top multinationals. This means they understand the concept of return of investment, and help us apply this to our model.

U.S. Board of Directors

Angela Maria Tafur
Maria Camila Leiva
Felipe Medina
Geoffrey Randall
Rodrigo Arboleda
Gabriela Febres-Cordero
Carlos Manuel Parra

Advisory Council

Eduardo Arboleda Staton | Antonio José Ardila | Gustavo Arenas | Orlando Ayala | Eduardo Barco Moises Eilemberg
Carlos Fonseca  | Felipe Buitrago | General Douglas Fraser Juan Carlos Franco Josh Gilinski
Eric Newman | Andres Otero | James Stewart | Rodrigo Villar