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We want you to know as much as possible about Give To Colombia and how we operate. For this reason, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Our Annual Reports

Over the last few years, our world has changed and we have changed along with it, expanding how we do philanthropy. We have come up with more creative and efficient pathways for donors to support high-impact projects in Colombia, all with the goal of supporting the most vulnerable populations. One such path is the creation of our “Campaigns,” which breaks the physical limitations of our allies and allows foundations to fundraise at an unprecedented and international scale. We are proud to have become a crowdfunding platform for Colombia.

For those who walked the streets of Colombia before 2020, it was clear that street vending was an integral part of the cultural and informal economic dynamics of the country. But with the pandemic, millions were left without a job and a way to feed their families. In response, G2C created the pillar “Humanitarian Aid” and expanded our frontiers to deliver food and hygiene packages to families in Colombia and Haiti. 2020 was the year we stepped up to the challenge and went back to basics, remembering the importance of giving back to one another. 

This year’s multiannual report has an interesting story to tell you: the story of water, the hub of life. From providing people with basic human needs, to wreaking catastrophic natural disasters not unlike what we saw in Mocoa in 2017, water has been central to our work for years. In the best of circumstances, water can shape a lush, green landscape. Colombia is a shining example of this. In the following pages, you’ll find vegetation from all over our biodiverse country— from regions like the Cauca Valley, Antioquia, Magdalena, and Cundinamarca.

2013 was a benchmark year for Give To Colombia, marking the conclusion of our first decade helping Colombia’s most vulnerable populations in the areas of Education, Economic Development, Health & Nutrition, and Environment. Organizationally, we restructured our team and reinforced our efforts to better communicate our impact while intensifying our collaboration with local foundations. 

For almost a decade, our organization has been able to leverage $2 to $3 million dollars per year towards social projects, with an annual operational budget of just $300,000 dollars. In 2012, we surpassed this target raising $4.4 million dollars and impacting over 30,000 Colombians in vulnerable conditions. It is also worth noting that in 2012 we were able to improve our relationships with international donors, local partner foundations, and the Colombian public sector, maximizing the impact of our projects. 

Throughout 2011, we welcomed new donors and supported recurring ones by delivering expertise in project identification, monitoring, advising services, transparent grant management, and support in the implementation of 18 additional projects. Given the heavy floods and rains that were devastating Colombia during the end of 2010 and all through 2011, we supported environmental sustainability projects in order to protect our country’s precious natural resources.

After seven years of hard work,  commitment, and a passion for improving the lives of vulnerable populations in Colombia, G2C has now managed over $11 million in donor giving and over 115 projects. This year, we registered in Colombia as a local foundation affiliate. Recognized for our philanthropic model and our thought leadership, we were invited to participate and present our model in conferences and events globally.

The continued global economic challlenges of 2009 gave Give To Colombia an opportunity to strengthen our focus and heighten our impact on our core areas of development. When we were needed the most – to build bridges and foster collaborative relationships between international donors and Colombian NGOs – we were able to step up to the plate. We launched ten new projects, piloted our co-financing partnership with Colombia’s Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Collaboration, and successfully held our third annual gala. 

It has been five years since we began the challenging effort of internationally promoting social investements towards Colombia – a country associated with 40 years of internal conflict and drugs. Since then, we have become an innovative organization that is transforming philanthropy in Latin America, channeling nearly $7 million dollars and benefiting more than 100,000 people in need. 

There are a number of ways we can quantify our organization’s impact in Colombia during 2007, but we think that the most meaningful effect cannot be measured. The impact we’ve made is seen as a powerful and effective tool to improve the lives of those in need. We also caught the interest of international organizations for the first time, that are looking at Colombia as a great place to invest, not only economically, but socially as well, and joined together with six organizations to create an unprecedented event called “BeLive Gala 2007”. 

“What I like about Give to Colombia is transparency. They have always been very professional. They implement the projects on time. They monitor the projects very well, which is very important since obviously I am a gringo and my language skills are still more "mas o menos". They are a great liaison between myself and the projects I want to implement. So they take all the burden off of me and they do the hard work."

John McMillan

President of McMillan Children’s Foundation

Awards & Recognitions

Our charity ratings highlight the fine work of efficient, ethical, and open charities, differentiating Give To Colombia from its peers and demonstrating to the public that we are worthy of their trust. We are able to accomplish so much because we make careful use of our resources, allocating most of our budget to programs, with 90%-93% of our donations going directly toward projects in Colombia.

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Our broad range of projects, access to any Colombian sector, and versatile model as an umbrella organization places us among the most knowledgeable of Colombian NGOs. Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, we are trusted by the best.

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