Aid to Families Affected by Covid-19 in La Guajira

Donor: Tamarin Foundation
Local Ally: Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia
Beneficiaries: 500 individuals
Location: Riohacha, La Guajira

As a department that neighbors Venezuela, La Guajira is one of regions of Colombia most affected by the mass migration ocurring from the country. Hundreds of children from migratory families were already in need of humanitarian aid as well as nutritional support, but with the addition of the Covid-19 pandemic these families have faced an even greater hurdle. The project provided meal kits, personal hygiene products, and safe drinking water through truck deliveries to 100 families that were affected by the migratory crisis and the pandemic. Through this effort, Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia hopes to aid these families in Villa Yolaima, Riohacha while they work hard to rebuild their lives.