Analog Forestry in the Atrato River Basin

Donor: Citigroup Foundation
Local Ally: Fundación Amigos Del Choco (AMICHOCÓ)
Beneficiaries: 320 individuals
Location: Municipalities of Bojayá and Vigía del Fuerte, Chocó

In partnership with AMICHOCÓ, Give to Colombia developed a project that would restore environmentally degraded areas while promoting the economic sustainability of vulnerable rural families in Chocó. The project provided 30 families with the tools and skills required to plant and maintain family plots of crops, which consisted of murrapo, plaintain, and corn, that are native to the region and do not disturb the growth of native forests. Through this project, the families learned not only of the technical aspects of analog forestry, but also of its benefists as it promotes the conservation of the ecosystem and their community development.

In addition to restoring the environment, the plots also provided the families with food security, helped protect the collectively owned lands, and fostered eco-friendly production and commercialization schemes in the surrounding regions. Due to the excellent response from the beneficiaries, three communal greenhouses were built and are being maintained by the community.