Eco-Tourism as a Strategy for Environmental Sustainability in Chocó

Donor: Tamarin Foundation
Local Ally: Fundación MarViva
Beneficiaries: In Progress
Location: Tribugá, Chocó

With the world returning to normalcy, as much as possible after the pandemic, Fundación MarViva once again seeks to make a lasting change in the coastal communities of Chocó. In a region where over 80% of families live in poverty, work opportunities are limited, and the marine life used to feed the population of the area has become scarce due to excessive and/or illegal fishing as well as climate change, Fundación MarViva hopes to improve the quality of life of the afro-descendent communities by implementing a pilot project that seeks to work with 10 families to lead this micro-entrepreneurial initiative. 

This will be accomplished by creating a community organization that promotes eco-tourism, training the local workforce through administrative, financial, and legal workshops, promoting tourist visits to Tribugá through campaigns and other mediums, and strengthening the operational continuity of the tourism industry in the area.