Fostering Education Through Reading

Donor: The McMillan Children’s Foundation
Local Ally: Fundación Secretos para Contar
Beneficiaries: 1,870 families
Location: Municipalities of Taraza & Toledo, Antioquia

In 2008, Give To Colombia and Fundación Secretos Para Contar created an alliance to implement a program in the municipalities of Taraza and Toledo where they provided 1,870 families with the second collection of books from the “Secretos para contar” series in the hopes of promoting reading in rural areas of Colombia. 

In order to truly make an impact, the project also included training workshops for teachers in the surrounding areas, as well as 48 educational radio programs that were broadcasted for a duration of six months. This program was further expanded in 2010 to reach an even greater number of families through the project “Enhancing Education Through Reading in Rural Areas“.