Integration of ICTs for Children

Donor: Anonymous
Local Ally: Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca
Beneficiaries: 212 children
Location: Cali, Valle del Cauca

The Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca seeks to improve the quality of life of children with visual or hearing impairment, as well as their families and the community through high quality services in visual health, otorhinolaryngology, therapy, habilitation processes, rehabilitation and education, so as to create a safe, inclusive environment. 

Technology offers tools that help with the learning and rehabilitation process of children with disabilities, making it easy and engaging. This project plans to incorporate the use of technological devices during class lessons in order to promote digital literacy for the educational community favoring the teaching-learning process. The ultimate goal is to shorten the gap between technology and disabled children at the Institución para Niños Ciegos y Sordos of Valle del Cauca.