Mocoa Needs Us

Donor: Multiple Donors
Local Ally: Corporación Minuto de Dios
Beneficiaries: 10,828 individuals
Location: Mocoa, Putumayo

On April 1st, 2017, heavy rains caused three rivers to overflow, resulting in floods and landslides. The small town of Mocoa was hit the hardest, as overnight they received a third of the rainfall it typically gets in one month and Mocoa greeted dawn in ruins. More than 330 Colombias lost their lives as a result to this tragedy, and over 400 individuals were injured. Nearly 22,000 were displaced from their homes, and lost all their belongings’ and life’s work.

In order to support Mocoa, Give to Colombia joined nationwide and international efforts to collect relief funds to support the victims of the tragedy. In collaboration with Corporación Minuto de Dios, we were able to deliver emergency aid to alleviate the most pressing needs of the victims, which included non-perishable food, water, personal hygiene items, clothing, towels, medicines, lanterns, batteries, mattresses, blankets, blankets, school supplies for children, footware, raincoats, tents, kitchen and household utensils. Thanks to these effots, 10,828 people received humanitarian aid and from these, 682 received psychosocial.

In addition, we also built an early childhood center and housing for 14 families, which will consist of two bedrooms, a dining room, bathroom, kitchen, patio and space for the garden/farm.