Play, Laugh, Dream

Donor: Tamarin Foundation
Local Ally: Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia
Beneficiaries: 1,200 children and teenagers
Location: Riohacha, La Guajira

Although La Guajira keeps seeing a great number of migrant families from Venezuela, the main efforts carried out to help these families do not place children’s education and development at the forefront. Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia has taken it upon themselves to tackle this issue and to create a project through which they sought to promote the protection and well-being of children affected by the Venezuelan migration crisis. 

Through the project, we were able to contrust the recreational area in Villa Yolima, Riohacha, which included a playground and a soccer field, in order to promote sports and other leisure activities. The project also provided materials and equipment for 15 children friendly areas, 8 educational spaces to be used in emergency situations, and one playroom in a temporary foster home for children separated from or not accompanied by their families in Riohacha, Uribia, and Maicao. 

While we consider this last one to be essential in the children’s growth, as well as in their linguistic and logical-mathematical development, all of the spaces mentioned will be monitored by a team of specialists that will provide psychological and educational support for the children. Through the creation of these spaces, we hope to meet the needs of the population and continue promoting the particiaption of families in the creation of safe environments that guarantee the protection, care, and rights of children.