Providing Treatment for Individuals with Addictive Disorders

Donor: Anonymous
Local Ally: CAD Proyecto de Vida
Beneficiaries: 11 individuals
Location: Bogotá, Colombia

The Center for Addictions “Proyecto de Vida” was born from a group of friends’ growing concern for the alarming rate of increase in substance abuse victims in Colombia. The Center offers in-house treatment with a clinical-psychological focus based on Narcotics Anonymous’ Twelve-step program. Today, the Center houses 15 patients at a time and has helped more than 400 patients to recover and lead better lives. 

This project covers the cost of six months of treatment for 11 survivors of substance-abuse, gambling, and/or co-dependence, who were seeking help but did not have the economic resources necessary to pay for treatment. Treatment at the center includes individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, painting therapy, sports therapy, guidance of a Big Brother/Sister figure, autobiography writing, diary entries, medical lectures, cinema-forum, former patient testimonials, etc. Once the treatment ends, the patient enters into a follow-up phase as an outpatient, including a monitoring and evaluation plan with individual and group therapy, the only condition being that the patient must remain abstinent.