Semillero de Fútbol VITAL

Donor: Multiple Donors
Local Ally: Fundación Conect Vision
Beneficiaries: 36 children
Location: La Boquilla, Cartagena, Bolívar

Fundación Conect Vision uses the strong positive influence of sports to motivate kids and teenagers from vulnerable communities to pursue a life project and eradicate the mental poverty that hinders the development of their communities. For this, we worked with 36 children between the ages of 8 and 12 using soccer and Fundación Conect Vision’s VITAL methodology that promotes Values, Self-Reflection, Hard Work, Love and Leadership. Through this project, children learned the discipline of soccer, built upon fundamental values, improved their academic performance, and developed a life project. Those who showed both discipline and talent also had the opportunity to be scouted by professional soccer clubs.