Stand Up: Providencia Renace

Donor: Multiple Donors
Local Allies: Tamarin Foundation, Corporación Antioquia Presente
Beneficiaries: 1,108 individuals
Location: Providencia

The pandemic has not been the only cause of pain and uncertainty in Providencia. In November 2020, the island was hit by a category 5 hurricane. It damaged 98% of the island’s infrastructure and changed the lives of 6,000 people. Nearly 40% of the inhabitants of the island had to move to different areas of the country due to the lack of shelter, health services, and education, among others. 

With the goal to aid in the reconstruction, Give To Colombia, Tamarin Foundation and Corporación Antioquia Presente, created the initiative “Stand Up: Providencia Renace”. In December of that same year, in collaboration with 16 other organizations  that  carry out different activities in the territory, the alliance “Back Better Together” was born. The goal of this alliance was to tackle the issue under five different areas of action:

  1. Humanitarian aid
  2. Psychosocial care
  3. Productive projects
  4. Construction of social/community infrastructure
  5. The reconstruction and/or provision of native inns

Through the “Stand Up: Providencia Renace” alliance, we have focused on the last three objectives through the construction of community centers that will serve as a space for education and as shelters for future natural disasters. We also identified the need to reconstruct native inns or “posadas nativas” as these serve as both family homes and hostels, which will help the inhabitants generate an income through tourism by inviting foreigners to visit and learn about their traditions and the Raizal culture. In addition, with Tamarin Foundation’s support, the alliance also managed to equip and enhance 4 bars/restaurants in order to create productive projects for the inhabitants of Providencia. 

Thanks to our donors and to the efforts of an inspiring and resilient community, we were able to help families on the island. Thanks to you, hope flourishes, and Providence blooms