Sustainable Punta Arena

Donor: Tamarin Foundation
Local Ally: Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas Colombia
Beneficiaries: 1,100 individuals
Location: Punta Arena, Cartagena, Bolívar

Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas Colombia is a non-profit organization that seeks to conserve, preserve and improve the environment as well as social issues of the communities that surround their geographic areas of interest. Their main focus is in the most vulnerable communities in the bay of Cartagena. For this reason, they targeted the community of Punta Arena and decided to implement a project that would allow the community of Punta Arena to become promoters of conservation.  

This project consisted of conducting eight cleaning brigades carried out by the community, strategic allies, and volunteers, the installation of four recycling stations, the creation of four art murals fashioned from recycled materials to increase awareness, and the training of 227 community council members, volunteers, and employees from local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, in topics pertaining to environmental health and land conservation.