Teaching Peace Through Sports

Donor: Skanska, Inc.
Local Ally: Centro Colombo Americano de Medellin
Beneficiaries: Eight Schools
Location: Medellín, Antioquia

Though sports have evolved to become a recreational activity in modern society, the theme of competition still remains relevant and has begun to distort the true objectives of any sport. This can be seen widely as stadiums in Colombia have become places of violence. As such, Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín decided to embrace this opportunity to create “Lab 47 – Deportes es No-Violencia” to reflect on the ideologies of sports, the importance of fair play, and the effects of the values of sports on our society.

In the lab, children and adults from eight schools in Medellín were led by rugby coach and social worker Damon Weigl, John Freddy Colorado, and a team of young athletes from Moravia as they dedicated two months to the analysis of the causes of violence in sports. Apart from practicing the sports, they explored themes such as the values and principles of sports, social fanaticism, learning & culture, channels of communication, fanatics and the individuals, and passion not violence.

By implementing the “Wishing you Peace” methodology, we hope children and adults will start recognizing each other not as opponents, but rather as equals and fellow players of the game.