Unmissable Bid for 200 Sculptures in Support of Winter Wave Victims

El Nuevo Siglo, PDF Version (Spanish)

Johnnie Walker, as part of the celebration of its 200 years, presents Keep Walking Colombia, an artistic and collaborative project, with which it intends to leave a cultural legacy in the country for the future and that will transcend worldwide as one of the milestones of the brand, as well as support for the creative industry and the recovery of Providencia’s infrastructure.

The brand brought together 50 local artists, representatives of more than 35 Colombian regions, so that, through different techniques, 200 statuettes of the iconic Johnnie Walker walker would intervene, some of which will be auctioned through the website “www.keepwalking200espacioodeon.com ”, this Thursday, starting at 7:00 p.m.

The funds raised will be used to recognize the artists participating in the project, and also to support the recovery of bars and restaurants on the island of Providencia, through the Stand Up Providence initiative, led by Tamarin Foundation, Give To Colombia, Corporación Antioquia Present, and Fi Providence.

“We want a better world in the future, so we seek to leave a legacy for future generations that transcends our main message of Johnnie Walker through the most powerful form of communication: art. Likewise, we are committed to supporting the recovery of Providencia, so we are going to make this auction something very big and powerful that contributes to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of bars and restaurants on the island”, affirms Álvaro Cárdenas, general manager of Diageo Colombia.

Until the day of the auction, interested parties will be able to access the platform, which will have a closing event at 7:00 pm, which can be accessed by all people who enter the website and YouTube. This will be broadcast live from Espacio Odeón, where the works will be presented and the dynamics of the bid for these unique pieces will take place.

The 50 participating artists will demonstrate a unique talent that will be reflected in each of the works. Among the creators who were part of this initiative are Adriana Bernal, Adriana Cuellar, Alejandro de Narváez, Ana Mosseri, Anamaría Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Angelica María Zorrilla, Aníbal Gomes Cásseres, Álvaro Barrios, Blanca Moreno, Camila Barreto, Carlos Blanco, Carlos Salas, Catalina Moreno, Christian Abusaid, Daniel Correa and Daniel Liévano. This legacy combined more than four hours of intervention, creation, and exploration work and will endure for the next 200 years.

The auction

To participate in this auction it is necessary for people of legal age to register on the website, filling in the required information and accepting the terms and conditions of participation.

There you will find the information of the works, with their respective images, their authors and the initial value to make the bid. Participants can start bidding early from the time they register on the website.

“Keep Walking Colombia is a key moment in the history of Johnnie Walker of which we are very proud. Every day we seek to expand limits with strong cultural and sustainability projects that breathe the motto of the walker and through this auction, we will guarantee to endure over time, thanking the past, living the present and toasting the future”, says Álvaro Cárdenas.