Technology arrived at Santa Isabel de Hungría

El País, PDF Version (Spanish)

Nearly a thousand Caleños, residents of Aguablanca District, are the direct beneficiaries of the technological center that was inaugurated a few days ago in the facilities of Santa Isabel de Hungría School.

This project will benefit not only the students of that educational entity but also teachers, micro-entrepreneurs and members of the community who will receive training in Information and Communication Technologies, ICTs, with the aim of strengthening entrepreneurship and employability in one of the most needy sectors of the city.

The technology center was donated by Citi Colombia, in association with Carvajal Foundation, Give To Colombia and Microsoft.

The purpose of this modern center, which is equipped with the best computers of the moment and has all the technical adaptations, is also to contribute to improving the educational quality of hundreds of students, providing them with tools to enrich their knowledge, develop adequately and thus access to better job opportunities and advancement.

“I want to extend a special thanks for giving Citi Colombia the opportunity to participate in this project, not only through a donation but also through the contribution made by Citibank officials in Cali, who will participate as volunteers during 2009 in the training that will be offered in these facilities”, commented Guillermo Gómez, commercial director of Citi Colombia and the Andean Region.