High Philanthropy

Vogue Latin America, PDF Version (Spanish)

Social service and giving to those in need is a very important concept in my family. It was fundamental in the way I was educated. My father was a senator for 16 years, he took me to inaugurate schools and aqueducts. I was excited to see the smiles of the children when this was given to them. I discovered that it is really a very valuable thing to impact the lives of others,” Angela María recalls about her philanthropic beginnings.

Altruistic organizations stand out for generating a real impact, but in Colombia there are foundations with successful models that deserve to be mentioned for their projects and initiatives: Give To Colombia (G2C), Fundación Menorah y Little Sun, Gozques and Fundación Ellen Riegner de Casas. Behind them are women who dedicate themselves entirely to these admirable social projects. Let’s start with Ángela María Tafur, President and co-founder of Give To Colombia, an organization that offers a platform to channel its resources and receive reports on its implementation to the Colombian community in the United States, multinationals, private foundations and any international donor who has an interest in supporting the economic and social development of the country. “We have mobilized more than 20 million dollars and articulated more than 175 projects in the areas of education, health, economic development, environment, water and sanitation, managing to improve the quality of life of many Colombians,” Angela María proudly shares.