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Eco-Tourism as a Strategy for Environmental Sustainability in Chocó

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación MarVivaBeneficiaries: In ProgressLocation: Tribugá, Chocó With the world returning to normalcy, as much as possible after the pandemic, Fundación MarViva once again seeks to make a lasting change in the coastal communities of Chocó. In a region where over 80% of families live in poverty, work opportunities are limited, and the marine life used to feed […]


Sustainable Punta Arena

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas ColombiaBeneficiaries: 1,100 individualsLocation: Punta Arena, Cartagena, Bolívar Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas Colombia is a non-profit organization that seeks to conserve, preserve and improve the environment as well as social issues of the communities that surround their geographic areas of interest. Their main focus is in the most vulnerable communities in […]

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Humanitarian Aid & Environmental Volunteering in Punta Arena

Donor: Tamarin FoundationLocal Allies: Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas ColombiaBeneficiaries: 250 individuals Location: Punta Arena, Cartagena, Bolívar Fundación Bahía y Ecosistemas de Colombia is a non-profit organization that seeks to protect and improve the environment as well as social issues. With this goal in mind, they decided to carry out a beach clean-up in Punta Arena. They focused on […]


Sierra Viva – Building Recycling Areas

Donor: Tamarin FondationLocal Ally: Corporación HorizontesBeneficiaries:  19,682 individuals Location: Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta, Magdalena Solid residues have become an even greater issue in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in the last few years. However, the indigenous communities of the area, meaning the Arhuacos, Wiwa, Kogui, Kankuamo and rural farming communities, lack the knowledge or the system to deal […]


Strengthening the Arhuaco Government

Donor: AnonymousLocal Ally: Arhuaco Community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa MartaBeneficiaries: N/ALocation: Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta, Magdalena Located at the north coast of Colombia, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is an isolated mountain range apart from the Andes chain that runs through Colombia. The territory is administrated by four indigenous tribes: Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwas, and Kankuamos.  Each one […]


Magdalena River Basin Project

Donor: Anonymous and GNB SudamerisLocal Ally: The Nature ConservancyBeneficiaries: 5,000 individualsLocation: Department of Magdalena This initiative convenes a wide array of stakeholders to develop the first-ever, basin-wide sustainable model for the management of the Magdalena River. The goal was to balance production, flood control, and conservation needs, as well as improve the livelihoods of small and medium scale farmers […]


Educating Young Leaders to Save the Planet (Phase 2)

Donor: GE FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación Santa Fe de BogotáBeneficiaries: 1,654 studentsLocation: Bogotá & Madrid, Colombia Give To Colombia partnered together with Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá to empower young students from vulnerable schools to improve their local environment conditions and create healthy communities. The project was carried out in two neighborhoods in Bogotá and one neighborhood in Madrid, and […]


Analog Forestry in the Atrato River Basin

Donor: Citigroup FoundationLocal Ally: Fundación Amigos Del Choco (AMICHOCÓ)Beneficiaries: 320 individualsLocation: Municipalities of Bojayá and Vigía del Fuerte, Chocó In partnership with AMICHOCÓ, Give to Colombia developed a project that would restore environmentally degraded areas while promoting the economic sustainability of vulnerable rural families in Chocó. The project provided 30 families with the tools and skills required to plant and […]